The Catherine Cheater Scheme of Work
for French (Year 3)

The Scheme of Work comprises:

  • 30 easy to follow and fully adaptable lesson plans with guidance (in Word format)
  • PowerPoint slides with images and voice recordings to help you model new language
  • a series of innovative, cross-curricular practice parcels to reinforce language taught
  • useful websites and guide to authentic resources

N.B. The contents of the CD-ROM may be copied for use by the purchasing institution.

In year 3, children…

  • learn a small amount of vocabulary including nouns, verbs, adjectives and a conjunction
  • recognise certain phonemes when they hear them, and identify the graphemes that can be used to represent them
  • create simple spoken and written sentences, e.g.
    Voici un chat rouge et un chien bleu.
    Je mets un pantalon jaune et un pull vert.
  • memorise and recite a bank of finger rhymes
  • listen to stories and become familiar with stories known and loved by French children
  • listen to and sing along with traditional French folk songs
  • listen to and sing along with songs by the popular singer Henri Dès
  • become familiar with the works of the painters Renoir and Monet and the music of the composer Debussy
  • become familiar with the city of Paris by regularly looking at photographs on PowerPoint slides, and using webcams to make virtual visits

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French Year 3

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