The Catherine Cheater Scheme of Work
for Italian (Year 3)

by Adalgisa Serio and Anna Maria Forti Sheikh

The Italian scheme of work is now published entirely in CD-ROM format. All printable materials can be printed out as necessary, and all material is easily adaptable.

The Scheme of Work comprises:

  • 30 easy to follow and fully adaptable lesson plans with a step by step guide
  • a series of innovative, cross-curricular practice parcels to reinforce language taught
  • a PowerPoint presentation to support teachers in the classroom, including visuals and voice recordings, to accompany each weekly lesson and set of parcels
  • useful websites and guide to authentic resources

The scheme is published on CD ROM comprising:

  • the full scheme in WORD format
  • guidance and language support
  • sound files of Italian pronunciation
  • a focus on Rome, including weblinks and photographs
  • power point presentations to help class teachers teach the language, by offering a native-speaker model of Italian pronunciation

RRP £70 inc p&p (£84 including VAT)

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ISBN 978-1-909691-01-8

N.B. Work on the Catherine Cheater Scheme of Work for Italian Year 4 is underway. Please sign up to our newsletter at here, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, and we will let you know when the Year 4 scheme is ready.

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